Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DMV Pizza Juice 101110

So I’ve decided to start blogging more…

101110 – Today, well yesterday, Arlene and I got up early and went over to the DMV to renew her license. Found out she gets a cool new one. They just put them out I guess, harder for kids to get fake ones I’m sure. Bunch of UV stuff like birthday and a cool Cali bear on it too, which is pretty rad. The thing at the DMV was, we went they’re early and everything waited for about 2 hours. Got called up and the lady had told us “ We are having a state wide issue with our system is down”. I’m thinking this is why people hate coming to the DMV. Honestly they could have announced that their shit went down, but then it might have started a riot. Pissing off the people that have been there earlier than we where. Luckily the lady took down our number and said they would call when it was back up (bullshit, they don’t care lol). While they got their shit together we went and got lunch at Mulberry Pizza, bomb btw. Then after we stopped at Jamba Juice for some smoothies. Headed back to the DMV told them our situation on coming back. They hooked it up with an F something number, and apparently you get called sooner with an F. I started thinking; do they use the F for the special people? And other letters like G, and C, just to just fuck with other people and make them hate life. I don’t know just seemed like that to me. So when and if you go into a DMV ask for an F or make an excuse on them why you need deserve an F. Shit just might go by faster, just saying. Leave a comment on an excuse you would give to deserve an F at the DMV. It could even be…

“I left my kid in the car without the widows down, kind of in a hurry”

That’s it for today/yesterdays entry. I’m going to try and do more videos like that up there too. It was shot with my Droid Incredible, woking on getting a better video cam. Thanks for reading


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