Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dland Pass Holders

We are now officially Disneyland Premium pass holders…

I had a hard time getting up this morning after doing some, shirt designs late last night. I was able actually get up after a million times of Arlene trying to wake me up. We left the house early (even though I lagged) and got the oil change for the Smart Car. Headed on down to good old Disneyland and purchased our passes. We parked in the downtown Disney parking to avoid having to pay for parking since we where only staying for a little. Lady at the ticket booth said “oh, smart move”. We took the Monorail, which was Arlene’s first time. We sat in one of the middle cars. Now I suggest either sitting in the front or in the back of the Monorail. The middles don’t have much A/C, so it was a hot ride into Dland. When we got to the park we thought “Oh its Wednesday, no ones here, we got this” WRONG. It was packed to the brim. Matterhorn line was wrapped around the mountain its self. 30min wait there, 30 min wait here it was pretty busy today. We were able to ride, The Pirates of The Caribbean. Reminded me of iCarly (yes I watch that shit) when the guy was selling Pirate movies, “Pirates of the Lima Bee-An” HA! Anyways…we rode that shit, and bounced. Overall had a great day with my love, her birthday is Sunday. We got a fun filled weekend ahead of us. “So I’ll be a vlogin, Rrrrrrrrr”


I get to go shoot at the Hollyweird Roosevelt Hotel. Might catch some celebs tonight. So pix well be up for sure. Later guys


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