Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

This Halloween Arlene and I dressed as Boo & Sully, from Monsters Inc. We went downtown to get fabric for our costumes. Arlene’s Mom helped me sew the vest together. Arlene sew the sequence fabric on her Wet Seal sweatshirt pocket and also in lined the hood with the same fabric. She layered it with a grey long sleave. With a purple skirt, grey tights and leggings. We dyed her white pants for me, and her sweatshirt purple with dye from Michael’s. She was able to cut up a mop we bought from Walmart and then topped it with Boo’s eye, a Styrofoam ball and pipe cleaners. Our DIY costumes came out pretty cool I thought. Hope everyone had a good Halloween.

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